Customized services

Wine is a world in itself; this is why appellation & co proposes multi dimensional approach, a mix of oenology, gastronomy and culture to bring its customers a maximum of emotions through a large variety of experiences.

In the same way, appellation & co introduces to corporate and business clients a global or “360°” offer with a complete range of wine related products and services fitting any of their needs and requirements.

Corporate gifts or corporate events are way to communicate. In order to maximize and maintain its impact on your clients, prescribers or working teams appellation & co offers innovative customized solutions. Each service provided would have been elaborated together with you to guarantee continuing consistency between the gift or the event and your corporate image and values as well as your specific aim.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly, I’ll be happy to help :
Raphaël Aubry-Marais, Founder & manager of appellation & co
06 34 09 63 99

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